Tips from the Chef Lucie Pichon

I’ve chosen to meet up with you every month to share some tips, a recipe, or a piece of advice!

At the start of the season it seemed important to explain how I see the French Riviera and Mediterranean cuisine.

When I look at the horizon through the serving hatch of my kitchen I love to see the blue sea with the sunlight twinkling like thousands of little diamonds. I love this exuberant nature all around me. The Mediterranean is generous both on land and sea. It offers fantastic associations of colours, fragrances and savours that inspire me every day and by which my cuisine has been progressively enriched.
Not far from my roots in Brittany I’ve found a new adoptive home. I’ve grown accustomed to its codes that are now an integral part of my everyday life. This is why I enjoy working with and highlighting its typical produce.
In this season’s menu I propose “Red mullet fillets on parmesan shortbread, eggplant caviar and season’s vegetables, Taggiasca olive coulis”. Shortbread with parmesan, the iconic Mediterranean cheese, provides a crispy touch, then comes the creamy texture of the eggplant caviar, and the sun-soaked vegetables and Taggiasca olive coulis soften the strong flavour of the mullet and thereby give balance to the whole dish.
For the choice of fish I rely on my fishmonger Cyril, who is based in Menton. I’ve been working with him for 5 years now. Being so close, he can guarantee very fresh deliveries. He’s even surprised me sometimes with unusual varieties of fish in his selection.
Here’s a little tip when you fry your mullets. I put a layer of baking paper and some olive oil in the bottom of the pan to ensure that the fish doesn’t stick and above all to preserve its pretty red colour!

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