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Enjoy discovering Lucie Pichon‘s Recipe:
Gently cooked mackerel fillets, pink radish cream and Romanesco broccoli with a Martini emulsion, by Chef Lucie Pichon

For 4 people:



4 mackerel

0,010cl. olive oil

1 lime

1 Romanesco broccoli

3 bunches of pink radishes

1 white onion

1/4 litre cream

1/2 litre milk

0,030cl. Martini

0,150g. Butter

1 tsp. sugar



Preparing the mackerel:
Start by cleaning and filleting the mackerel, then remove any remaining bones.

Marinade the fillets in a little olive oil and the zest of the lime.


The cream of pink radish:

Thoroughly clean the radishes, removing stalks and leaves.

Save five nice-looking ones per person for glazing and gently fry the rest in a pan with the chopped onion.

Add the milk, barely covering the contents of the pan, and cook gently for 15 minutes. Blend in a mixer to a smooth purée with half the milk and cream.


The glazed radishes:

Place approx. five topped and tailed radishes per person in a pan with a little water, a knob of butter and a teaspoonful of sugar.

Cook for about 8 mins. (They should remain firm and crunchy)

Martini emulsion:

Reduce the Martini by half and add the milk and a little butter.


Cooking and serving:

Place a few Romanesco broccoli tips (five per person) in the steam cooker, adding the mackerel fillets after 3 mins. of cooking, and leave for another 5 mins.


Place the mackerel fillet at the centre of the plate and encircle with the pink radish cream, placing the glazed radishes and the Romanesco broccoli tips around the outside.

To decorate the plate, add a few crunchy radish sticks and purple shiso sprouts.

Finish by emulsifying the Martini sauce and adding the resulting foam to the plate.



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