Chef chinese portrait

Our Chef, Lucie Pichon, has taken time to answer to our question  !

First have you ever heard of chinese portrait? The principle: it’s a set of questions which you answer for yourself. But the answer must be spontanious!  So what would you be??

In this early spring, we chose to propose you a Chinese portrait of our Chef Lucie Pichon on the theme of the nature!
Another way of making you discover herpersonality and some of its small secrets!!!

If you were a season…?

The spring for the renewal of the nature, the days that are getting longer and the light

If you were a perfume of the nature…?

The freshly cut grass, the jasmine flower

If you were a sound of the nature…?

The birdsong

If you were an aromatic herb…?

The coriander because it makes me travel

If you were a vegetable…?

The zucchini flower

If you were a fruit…?

The blackberry, a memory of my childhood

If you were a flower…?

The white tulip, it is my favorite flower

If you were an animal…?

An exotic fish which swims through the coral and the warm seas

If you were an ideal destination…?

Ireland for its mysterious atmosphere, its vegetation, its landscapes, the different colors of the sky and for the human heat

If you were a travel memory…?

The Philippines for the luxuriant nature, the virgin landscapes, the smiles. The state of mind of the people who live the present moment.

If you were a job in the service of the nature…?

I would be a landscape painter for the artistic sense and the development of the nature

If you were a message in favour of the conservation of the planet…?

I feel very concerned by the food wasting. It is a value which means a lot to me that I transmit to my teams

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