Summer events

Discover  the summer events at La Cigale Vista Beach!

June 21st, 2018: Evening Music festival

Jazz evening with the Strolling Merry Mood
Menu  75€ / Person

Cucumber and oyster tartare with hazelnut, vinegary cream


Melon and carrot gazpacho, crab perfumed in grapefruit, crusty ginger bread


Drum fish pavé with coriander, declination around the carrot, cumin emulsion


Fresh goat cheese with rosted apricots on rosemary sable


Caramelized pineapple with chocolate cream with hazelnuts, coconut foam


July 14th, 2018: Evening Jazz and Fireworks

Jazz Evening with the Strolling The Beau Ties
Menu  75€ / Person

Tartare of Norway lobsters on a tabbouleh of cauliflower perfumed with grapefruit


Octopus marinated in rosemary, yellow peppers soup, cream of Burrata


Bass fillet, cream of potatoes with spring onions, crab cannelloni with lime


Ricotta cheese crumble with an orange coulis


Strawberry, lemon cream with basil


July 27th, 2018: Latino Evening!

Gipsy & Latino Evening with the Strolling Rucaloca
Menu  75€ / Person


Crab with pomegranate, avocado and Granny Smith apple cream


Lime scented sea bass and oysters tartare, cucumber and passion fruit seasoning


Hake fillet, cream of peas and glazed carrots, coconut emulsion


Roquefort cheese foam on tomato and chorizo chutney


Melon and raspberry, almond mousse.



August 15th, 2018: Evening Jazz and Fireworks

Menu at 75 € excluding beverage
Jazz evening with the Strolling Merry Mood



Wild prawns bisque panna cotta, citronella foam



Smoked salmon carpaccio with citrus flavors, strawberry and avocado relish



Lightly seared gilthead fillet, declination of celery and black cherry



Cream of Saint Maure de Touraine cheese, violet flavored raspberry



Rosemary flavoured roasted apricot with its biscuit, chocolate cream and cocoa sorbet


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Tasting Menu

Our Chef Lucie Pichon invites you to discover its culinary universe  and proposes you its Tasting Menu with fresh products of season.

Valid from Monday to Saturday at the dinner only – except special evenings

Tasting Menu excluding beverage  75 € TTC per person

Amuse Bouche


Cucumber iced soup with a scent of mint, crab with lime, crispy bread with chlorophyll oil


Carnaroli risotto perfumed with Menton lemon and a cream of spinach, sauce of fava beans and hazelnuts


John Dory filet with a cream of sweet potato and crunchy vegetables in soy sauce, Kalamansi emulsion


Fruity sweetness


Chocolate dream and black cherry


Agreement Dishes and Wines 35 TTC per person

Our Sommelier proposes you his selection of wines to accompany your Tasting Menu. Excluding apéritif

2016 Côtes de Provence – Charme des Demoiselles
Domaine des Demoiselles


2016 Bourgogne – Petit Chablis – “Dame Nature”
La Chablisienne – Bio


2001 Domaine du Mas Blanc – Banyuls ” Rimage ” La Caume
M. Parcé






These dishes and wines are quoted for information and may be modified

The Tasting Menu is served till 9:30 pm



Luxury beach life


Chef chinese portrait

Our Chef, Lucie Pichon, has taken time to answer to our question  !

First have you ever heard of chinese portrait? The principle: it’s a set of questions which you answer for yourself. But the answer must be spontanious!  So what would you be??

In this early spring, we chose to propose you a Chinese portrait of our Chef Lucie Pichon on the theme of the nature!
Another way of making you discover herpersonality and some of its small secrets!!!

If you were a season…?

The spring for the renewal of the nature, the days that are getting longer and the light

If you were a perfume of the nature…?

The freshly cut grass, the jasmine flower

If you were a sound of the nature…?

The birdsong

If you were an aromatic herb…?

The coriander because it makes me travel

If you were a vegetable…?

The zucchini flower

If you were a fruit…?

The blackberry, a memory of my childhood

If you were a flower…?

The white tulip, it is my favorite flower

If you were an animal…?

An exotic fish which swims through the coral and the warm seas

If you were an ideal destination…?

Ireland for its mysterious atmosphere, its vegetation, its landscapes, the different colors of the sky and for the human heat

If you were a travel memory…?

The Philippines for the luxuriant nature, the virgin landscapes, the smiles. The state of mind of the people who live the present moment.

If you were a job in the service of the nature…?

I would be a landscape painter for the artistic sense and the development of the nature

If you were a message in favour of the conservation of the planet…?

I feel very concerned by the food wasting. It is a value which means a lot to me that I transmit to my teams


Lucie Pichon’s Recipe and Tips

Enjoy discovering Lucie Pichon‘s Recipe:
Gently cooked mackerel fillets, pink radish cream and Romanesco broccoli with a Martini emulsion, by Chef Lucie Pichon

For 4 people:



4 mackerel

0,010cl. olive oil

1 lime

1 Romanesco broccoli

3 bunches of pink radishes

1 white onion

1/4 litre cream

1/2 litre milk

0,030cl. Martini

0,150g. Butter

1 tsp. sugar



Preparing the mackerel:
Start by cleaning and filleting the mackerel, then remove any remaining bones.

Marinade the fillets in a little olive oil and the zest of the lime.


The cream of pink radish:

Thoroughly clean the radishes, removing stalks and leaves.

Save five nice-looking ones per person for glazing and gently fry the rest in a pan with the chopped onion.

Add the milk, barely covering the contents of the pan, and cook gently for 15 minutes. Blend in a mixer to a smooth purée with half the milk and cream.


The glazed radishes:

Place approx. five topped and tailed radishes per person in a pan with a little water, a knob of butter and a teaspoonful of sugar.

Cook for about 8 mins. (They should remain firm and crunchy)

Martini emulsion:

Reduce the Martini by half and add the milk and a little butter.


Cooking and serving:

Place a few Romanesco broccoli tips (five per person) in the steam cooker, adding the mackerel fillets after 3 mins. of cooking, and leave for another 5 mins.


Place the mackerel fillet at the centre of the plate and encircle with the pink radish cream, placing the glazed radishes and the Romanesco broccoli tips around the outside.

To decorate the plate, add a few crunchy radish sticks and purple shiso sprouts.

Finish by emulsifying the Martini sauce and adding the resulting foam to the plate.




La Cigale Team Spirit

For this latest portrait La Cigale Team Spirit,  we’ve decided to share with you the job of the Sous-Chef de Cuisine.

This post is held today by Angélique Schnepp, a very energetic young woman, with a passionate spirit. She is, so to speak, “the right hand woman” of our chef. It is an exacting job, requiring a good deal of rigour, as well as having to know the various professions of the kitchen brigade.

While you have to be technically very good, you also have to be capable of managing people and continually coming up with proposals and creative solutions for the the Chef.


Angélique, why did you choose to venture into cooking?

In my family, we do very little cooking. Unlike so many others, I can’t say that it was a talent or a desire that was passed on to me. Nevertheless, at the age of six, I already knew that cooking would be a part of me, for the rest of my life. I had been given a little pastry cookbook which fascinated me. I so loved all the utensils! It was the beginnings of a passion …

When I was twelve, I decided that when I grew up I would have my own restaurant.

At sixteen I started my CAP cooking diploma course, then I went on to get my professional “Brevet”.  Along the way, I had the good fortune to meet up with the chef of the Monarque in Chartres, who became a sort of Mentor for me.  He gave me the opportunity to launch my career.

I began winter seasons in Courchevel, then the summer in Saint Tropez. I went off to the Caribbean, to Saint Barthélémy, to discover other cultures and new flavours.

Upon my return,  I started at the Vista Palace Hôtel as chef de partie. That’s where I met Lucie Pichon.


What qualities do you think are essential for a Second de Cuisine?

The second de cuisine, or sous-chef is the chef’s assistant.

The main quality is to be a leader of men and women. You have to be diplomatic, knowing how to pass on messages to the chef or to the brigade, really relaying information between everyone.

It’s a real hands-on job. It’s all about being connected.


What do you consider to be your strengths in assisting our Chef, Lucie Pichon?

I think I have very good technical skills and I’m very thorough.

I have also discovered that I love transmitting my know-how to the teams.

I’m generally a very happy person but also straightforward and down-to-earth.


Angélique, could you tell us about a typical day when you are seconding the chef?

Well, I have a lot of work to do following up the orders. I take delivery of all the provisions and check them on arrival. I make sure that hygiene rules and the forward flow process are strictly respected.

I call up and keep in touch with all our suppliers.

Then starts the work of preparation. I take charge of the hot dish of the day and the starter.

When service begins, I’m there to call the orders to my chefs de partie and to help them in their work. I guide them and check that the service is running smoothly.

Afterwards, I make sure that the cleaning up has been done properly, checking that everything is spotless. Then I put in my orders for the following day.

Finally, I call the chef to debrief on the day and exchange on instructions.


There are more and more women in the catering business but how do you stand when you are a woman? Is it difficult?
To be honest, I’ve never had any problems in the kitchen.

That’s maybe got something to do with the fact that I’m the little sister of four older brothers!

But really, I’ve always been respected by my colleagues.

I have a joyful, happy temperament but I’m not always gentle and mild.

Once I set foot in the kitchen, I get going. I think the key to getting the message over is my humour.

I so love my job that … I really can’t find any drawbacks or disadvantages to it.

I live for cooking!


What do you like about your job?

I like it when I’m trusted, when people count on me to do things.

It’s important to have responsibilities. I love teaching new techniques to members of my team.


How do you get on with the chef?

We’ve known each other for over five years now. We’ve learnt to get on and go forward together. We have the same outlook on cooking, the same way of seeing things. I see us as a formidable duo! Nonetheless we are completely different in everyday life.

What do you think of La Cigale Vista Beach?

I’m very attached to this establishment. It’s a great pleasure to work here. There’s a good feeling amongst the team, a great atmosphere. It’s a place where you can express yourself.

There’s a great mindset here: the human dimension is set at the heart of the business, be it for the clients or for the teams. You really have the feeling that you exist and that you have a role to play: you’re not just a link in a chain.


Thank you Angélique! Now do you have a little anecdote to tell us about La Cigale Vista Beach?

Ah yes!

Well, one day, at the end of the afternoon, in late August 2016, I was in the kitchen, doing my prep for the evening when I heard the chef yelling somewhere: I really had a fright!

I jumped up and hurried to look for her, thinking that something terrible had happened.

When I found her, she was in the pantry, jumping for joy …

She’d just found out that she’d been rated two Toques by Gault et Millau!


Tips from the Chef Lucie Pichon

I’ve chosen to meet up with you every month to share some tips, a recipe, or a piece of advice!

At the start of the season it seemed important to explain how I see the French Riviera and Mediterranean cuisine.

When I look at the horizon through the serving hatch of my kitchen I love to see the blue sea with the sunlight twinkling like thousands of little diamonds. I love this exuberant nature all around me. The Mediterranean is generous both on land and sea. It offers fantastic associations of colours, fragrances and savours that inspire me every day and by which my cuisine has been progressively enriched.
Not far from my roots in Brittany I’ve found a new adoptive home. I’ve grown accustomed to its codes that are now an integral part of my everyday life. This is why I enjoy working with and highlighting its typical produce.
In this season’s menu I propose “Red mullet fillets on parmesan shortbread, eggplant caviar and season’s vegetables, Taggiasca olive coulis”. Shortbread with parmesan, the iconic Mediterranean cheese, provides a crispy touch, then comes the creamy texture of the eggplant caviar, and the sun-soaked vegetables and Taggiasca olive coulis soften the strong flavour of the mullet and thereby give balance to the whole dish.
For the choice of fish I rely on my fishmonger Cyril, who is based in Menton. I’ve been working with him for 5 years now. Being so close, he can guarantee very fresh deliveries. He’s even surprised me sometimes with unusual varieties of fish in his selection.
Here’s a little tip when you fry your mullets. I put a layer of baking paper and some olive oil in the bottom of the pan to ensure that the fish doesn’t stick and above all to preserve its pretty red colour!

Tips from the chef

Summer is on the way, and for keen cooks Lucie Pichon has dreamed up a smooth, delicate recipe, full of zest and freshness!

Norway lobster tails seared and marinated with red berries, little charlottes of rhubarb caramelized in grapefruit juice.

For 4 people:
12 Norway lobsters
1.5 kg rhubarb
4 grapefruits
20 g butter
140 g sugar
50 cl water
30 ml olive oil
20 g red berries

Shell the Norway lobsters, leaving the last ring and removing the gut. Marinate them for an hour then sear them gently on the back for 2 minutes. Peel the grapefruits, remove the segments and press the juice separately.
Cut the rhubarb stems into sections of about 3 cm.
Prepare the syrup, then add the grapefruit juice. Bring to the boil, add the rhubarb and allow to caramelize gently.
For the charlotte use a cooking ring; line the inside with pieces of caramelized rhubarb, then cut the rest of the rhubarb into small cubes, add the grapefruit segments and fill the ring.
Warm in the oven for 4 minutes at 110° C and remove the ring before serving.


Beauty secrets

Go for color, fruit and vegetables rich in beta-carotene, foods with lots of vitamin A and E.
To protect your skin and encourage a tan, here are some recipes for fruit juice cocktails and smoothies suggested by our bartender!

The « Sunshine Beauty » Smoothy
The advice of the bartender: before the preparation of the smoothie, cool your glass by leaving it 10 minutes in the freezer, to give it more freshness.
1/2 mango
1 soup spoon of cream of coconut
4 strawberries
3 leaves of basil
Fresh ginger
1 soup spoon of cane sugar

The « Zen and Tanned » Cocktail
2 peeled peaches
1/2 melon
Between 6 and 10 strawberries 1 glass of pressed orange juice 1 carrot
4 mint leaves
Our bartender’s tip: Add crushed ice and serve chilled topped with a slice of orange and a mint leaf !